Becoming Our Client

Becoming Our Client

Please contact our office to set an appointment.  You may also contact us via e-mail at to leave a telephone number and the best time to call.  If you are unable to meet on traditional weekday business hours, we are willing to accommodate your busy schedule.

We like to call our first meeting a get acquainted meeting.  We will spend some time talking about your “big picture” concerns, your family, and the document options you have.  This low-pressure, no-obligation meeting is also a chance for both sides to ensure that our office is right for you. It is not necessary for you to bring anything to the meeting.  This is an opportunity to talk.

Thirty minutes into the meeting, you will have a general idea if our office is right for you and what your next step will be; that is why we do not charge for the first thirty minutes.  If you were referred to our office by a client or an advisor, or attend one of our free educational workshops.

Do not feel pressured to bring in anything at the get-acquainted meeting.  If we move forward in designing a plan, we will provide you with a Data Gathering Packet with a list of documents we will need you to bring back for your Design Meeting in addition to a Personal Information Sheet, listing family members and other personal information.

Please feel welcome to sign up to attend one of our free Fundamentals of Estate Planning Workshop by clicking here, or contacting our office at (559) 374-2223.  You may also subscribe to our client newsletter by clicking here.

Client Attorney Partnership Program (C.A.P.P.)

We offer a valuable long standing Trust Maintenance Program at a nominal fee. This program provides a method for keeping in contact with our clients no less than annually to determine what changes they have experienced that may affect their estate plan. This program offers changes to be made to your plan at a discounted rate and no charge for calls to your attorney.  It is an effective tool for keeping trusts funded and educating our clients on how the funding process works. It gives our firm the opportunity to get to know our clients and their families well.  We also provide exclusive workshops and presentations C.A.P.P. members. We also provide you with our personal cellular numbers for a higher level of comfort in a crisis; especially in the unfortunate event you loved one becomes disabled or passes away. We also provide you with free Notary services when needed.

For more information about C.A.P.P., please click here.

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